What is EFT?

Emotionally Focused Therapy ( EFT ) is a scientifically supported approach to therapy with couples.  Research indicates that the vast majority of couples who complete EFT improve their relationships, feel closer, and communicate better.  Research also shows that marital satisfaction has been linked to better health and wellness, including better immune system functioning, recovery from illness and injuries, and management of stressful situations.

EFT is a three-stage process:
1. Recognize negative patterns
2. Create new patterns
3 .Clarity and preparedness

When couples enter therapy, often both partners will say that they feel stuck or misunderstood.  Commonly, they say that they don’t feel heard by the other anymore, or that they feel criticized or alone.  In spite of their best efforts to make things better, things seem to be getting worse instead of better.  They don’t feel as special to each other as they used to, or at least that message doesn’t seem to be getting across anymore.  There is increased distance between them.

Research shows that 90% of couples who complete the EFT process report improvement in their relationships.  Studies also show that the effects are lasting.  That is, couples who work through the three-stage process do not tend to return to their old negative patterns of interacting/communicating.  Research further demonstrates that the EFT method is useful for families, as well as for couples in which one or both partners struggles with depression, trauma, anxiety, low sexual desire, and/or other sexual problems.


What is VICEFT?

Vancouver Island Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy (VICEFT) has two offices located in Nananimo and Victoria, British Columbia. Drs. Leanne Campbell and David Fairweather are certified EFT trainers and supervisors, as well as Registered Psychologists in the Province of B.C. They both trained extensively in the EFT approach in the early through mid-1990s with Dr. Sue Johnson at the University of Ottawa, and also participated in related research studies.  They have both stayed clinically immersed in EFT since that time, as well as consulting with and training other therapists in this method.  Leanne and David share a great passion for working with EFT, and are very excited about the opportunity to communicate their experiences and perspectives of the method with others.