in EFT: Promoting Key Change Events in Emotionally Focused Therapy (DVD)

Leanne Campbell is a masterful EFT therapist. David Fairweather provides a wonderfully reflective counterpoint in the role of supervisor/consultant. This DVD is an exemplary demonstration of EFT process and supervision that will be enlightening to clinicians both new and experienced to EFT
— Dr. Sue Johnson - author of "Hold Me Tight" and co-originator of EFT

This DVD film compellingly depicts Dr. Leanne Campbell’s therapeutic work with three engaging couples (in role play). Interspersed with discussions with her trusted consultant Dr. David Fairweather, “In EFT” chronicles Leanne’s day-by-day therapy experiences, and displays her empathic and focused style in helping couples to move toward more authentic emotional contact in EFT sessions.

“In EFT” is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 – “In Pursuit of the Primary Emotion” – gives us insight into “William and Mary” as we witness Leanne working compassionately and directively to deepen emotional experience with a quiet male withdrawer and anxious female pursuer. Chapter 2 – “Moving Toward Engagement and Softening” – introduces us to “Cindy and Bob” where we see Leanne’s focused attempts to engage a blaming male pursuer, and guide him toward a gentler position which could create a safer context for bonding interactions to occur. Chapter 3 – “Coming Together in the Face of Loss” – reveals the courageous determination of “Max and Joanie” in their attempt to rebuild emotional bonds in the face of profound family tragedy.

About the Presenters

Drs. Campbell and Fairweather are certified EFT trainers and supervisors, as well as Registered Psychologists in the Province of B.C. They both trained extensively in the EFT approach in the early through mid-1990s with Dr. Sue Johnson at the University of Ottawa, and also participated in related research studies. They have both stayed clinically immersed in EFT since that time, as well as consulting with and training other therapists in this method. Leanne and David share a great passion for working with EFT, and are very excited about the opportunity to communicate their experiences and perspectives of the method with others.

Directed by Frederic Robinson, FPR Productions